Mixasoil Ultra Super Soil Ready Mix

    This a Kind soil growing Product based on Super Soil but Modified for Excellent  AROMA, FLAVOR and RESULTS. This Product has been tested again and again to make sure the results are the same every time to be called Mixasoil Super Soil Ultra Ready Mix.

      The Mixasoil Ultra Mix Kits include all Nutrients, Trace Elements, and Amendments needed for 2-5 gallon containers of growing medium.


      No other nutrients or amendments needed during growing life cycle, just water at 6PH and let tap water set overnight for chlorine dissipation.

    Twice The Nutrients of other Competitors without the Nutrient Burn!!!

    Mixasoil Ultra Super Soil Mix Kits

    What you will need:

    5 Gallons Pro-mix Hp or Sunshine Mix #4  (You can substitute Soil Product Roots organic for this step if necessary.)

    5 Gallons Perlite​

    3 LBS Worm castings

    Makes 1.5 cubic foot or 2-5 gallon planters of mix.

    Directions for use: 

    Mix with 5 gallons Pro-mix HP or Sunshine mix #4, 5 gallons perlite, and 3 LBS of worm castings. Moisten soil but do not soak, turn soil every couple days for at least one month before using with plants.

     Do not use for plants less than 3 to 4 weeks old and Happy Growing!!

    All listed ingredients are for optimum Flavor and Aroma, Plus size and Harvest amounts!!

    Cycles of feeding: 

    High Nitrogen with medium phosphates and potassium for early growth, close to the same for mid growth, and finally less nitrogen and more phosphorus and potassium for flowering phase. Dry molasses is for amino acids, carbohydrates, succinates and micro-organisms.

     Do not use for seedlings or newly growing plants!

    Omri Listed Material


    Fantastic For Chinese Foods

    On the Vine and Ripe

    Tomato & Hot Pepper Mix Soil

    Good For any Tomato Dish

    Great For Chili

    These Vegetable Mix Super Soil Mediums are rich with Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium. I have also added other amendments such as Bat & Peruvian Seabird Guano's, Soft Rock Phosphate, Potash, and Kelp Meal. These Nutrients and Amendments provide all the need Nitrogen for early growth, and Potassium's and Phosphorus needed for luxurious Fruiting of Vegetables. These Soil Mediums come in Kits and Ready to plant Mixes.

    What you will need for Vegetable Kits:

    1.5 Gallons Top Soil

    1.5 Gallons Cow Manure

    1.5 Gallons HP-Pro Mix

    1 Mixasoil Ultra Soil Vegetable Mix Kit.

    Just mix, plant and water.

    Prices are Lower on Pick up Items!!



    Vegetable Mix Soil