What can you say about Super Soils, except there is nothing better to grow with you can use today? 

Super soil produces a better smell, taste, and final product in our opinion. There is also no need to flush super soil as you do with other chemically grown products. Basically, using organic composted super soil means your soil is acting as the “middleman” instead of you. The microbes, fungi and other tiny organisms in the soil which have been cultivated during the composting process will take care of your plant roots, delivering nourishment directly to your plant in the form it needs.

A super soil mix is much more than just going to the local garden store and buying an organic blend. 

You need soils that will give you the very best product you can grow. Super soils are a choice of each person. Everyone has their personal choice of growing mediums.

Our recommendation is Mixasoil Ready Mix Super Soil. There is no other type of Super Soil like ours. This Super Soil is premixed, aged, and put together for you. All that you do is put the soil in a planter and plant your 3-week-old plants. Most all other super soils must be mixed or prepared for planting. Our super soil does not, in fact it is the easiest soil on the market to work with.

 It is proven that Mixasoil has every essential nutrient & amendment needed for a successful grow. All the trace elements, Micro & Macro nutrients, and secondary elements are included in our super soil. You can achieve excellent results with minimal efforts, using our soils. You can find a complete list of all our ingredients at Mixasoil.com. Nevertheless, when choosing super soil, you want to choose the best, and we guarantee our super soils.

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