Flowering and fruiting are an essential part of gardening. For instance, to get denser and more flavorful harvests, you need proper nutrition. The following of exact nutritional supplementation is vital to final harvests. Lower nitrogen, and higher potassium and phosphorus are needed for fruit & flower development. Then finally a potassium boost in final growth stages, promotes larger harvests.

Your plants will need a different set of nutrients then before. Phosphor and potassium are now the priority, and your plants will need enough of it to keep up with all the rapid changes that occur during this time.

Unfortunately, many growers mistakenly increase these nutrients too rapidly while decreasing the nitrogen too soon. Phosphor and potassium are important, but so is nitrogen. If your plant does not get enough nitrogen, it could develop a deficiency.

Flowering plants are sensitive, and one issue that can be easily overlooked is ph. Many plants suffer from incorrect ph. levels. This is specifically in the root area, and it can be fatal.

Monitoring the pH level is essential regardless of your growing medium or setup. Signs of a pH problem include wrinkled or curled leaves or what may be mistaken as a nutrient deficiency.

Nutrient burn can also impact your plants during the flowering stage. This can as your plants are very sensitive to any errors at this point. Regardless of the type nutrients you use, whether it be organic compost or store-bought chemicals, you must be careful not to overdo it.

Too many nutrients can burn your plants and cause an unpleasant taste. Plus, during the last few weeks of flowering, there isn’t enough time to repair the damage. So be very precise and obtain all necessary information of proper fruit & flower for your chosen crop!