Week 1

During week 1 of flowering there is an essential need for nitrogen. Nitrogen will help promote explosive growing in the stretch period. Therefore, you need to apply approximately 1 TBS per 3 to 5-gallon planter to promote great stretch growth. Keep applying all the other essential nutrient you would normally feed with.

Week 2

This is the time to increase Phosphorus. Phosphorus aids in production of tighter and more plentiful bud & fruit sites. The extra phosphorus will help with the flowering stage along with all your regular added nutrients. Keep in mind you will see the benefits of your nutrient changes as they happen.

Week 3

Now is the time to increase your calcium additives. What ever you use to provide calcium needs to be increased in this week of flowering. This can be eggshells, oyster flour or whatever source of calcium you use. This is the time to increase that use again with all your other nutrients.

Week 4

This week we will increase the magnesium intake of your plants. The best way to do that is to ad Epsom salts to your soil top. This will benefit the flowering & promote enhanced absorption of all your nutrients. Start with 1 TBS per 3 to 5-gallon planter.

Week 5

It’s now time to increase your potassium intake, along with a phosphorus boost. Along with all your other nutrients this is going to help fatten the bud sites and fruits that you have developed so far. You will start to see these benefits in the coming weeks.

Week 6

This week it’s time to maximize your potassium boost. You need to increase the amount of potassium you add to your plants. That amount is approximately 1 TBS to 3 to 5-gallon planters. This should suffice your plants needs until it is time to harvest. Also, you should stop your phosphorus additives along with all other nutrients except molasses.

Week 7 

It’s now time you should stop your potassium additives along with all other nutrients except molasses. Just water

Week 8

Just water

Hope you enjoy & benefit from the advice given to you here! HAPPY GROWING


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