Returning and repeat customers are eligible for free items, depending on the type and amount that they purchased and availability.

    We also offer discounts for any referrals that are sent our way.

    Repeat customers can also receive special discounts on shipping and pricing depending on the purchase amount.

    We have over 30 different items that can be purchased on our website and sincerely hope that something will fit your needs.

    We have a large array of Growing Nutrients.

    Mixasoil Ultra Super Soil Kits in various sizes.

    Mixasoil Ultra Super Soil Ready Mix Mediums in multiple sizes.

    Mixasoil Re-Amend Kits in multiple sizes.

    Mixasoil Ultra Vegetable Mix Kits.

    Mixasoil Ultra Vegetable Ready Soil Mediums.

    Repeat Customers can use (Loyalty Coupon1) code on purchases.

    Repeat Customers with more than 2 Separate purchases can email me for special discount codes.