Monster cropping is a technic that takes a cut from a flowering plant. Much you would take as in cloning for plant replenishing. The difference being you are just cloning a plant that will produce multitudes of branches. All the while not having to top them, thusly saving valuable grow time. In addition, the time you save because plants don’t have to recover from injury of topping.

Benefits Of Monster Cropping

These are great benefits when you want monster type fast growing plants. This also produces more mother plants to clone from. One of the main advantages of Monster cropping is that growers don’t necessarily need a mother plant to ensure continuous harvests.

Taking clones from your plants that are already been put into flowering, you can send all your plants into flowering phase, and then take the next generation of clones from them. This method allows you to use the space, light and air, your mother plant normally needs, to produce delicious buds.

Monster Cropping Plant Differences

When taking cuttings, they say it takes longer to root. NOT TRUE, if you take the cuttings from the bottom of the plant they root in record time.

If you’ve already made your first experiences with growing cannabis, you’ll notice the difference between a plant that has very small and weak side branches, to one that produces lots of heads and branches aggressively.

Side branches mean lots of buds exposed to direct light. High yields are the direct consequence of light distribution to a high number of buds. The first leaves produced by your clones can be deformed and weird looking. Don’t worry about this at all. If the clone survives and is healthy looking, it will produce normal looking leaves as soon as the reverting process is completed.

Less Stress Time

It is very important to know that plants need some time to recover from stress. Stress is caused by poor growing conditions but also by taking cuttings or removing parts of the plants like tops, lower branches and leaves. Beware that most of these methods, including Monster cropping, are primarily used when growing regular, photoperiod cannabis strains. Not Auto flower!!

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