Do you want larger harvests? Would you like a better-quality medicinal product? Perhaps you want better vegetable production? Of course, you do. Then pay attention to the facts presented to you today. The care of any type plant is totally up to you. You decide which outcome is going to happen, and what the results are going to be.


 Investigate every aspect of your crops npk needs, and watering habits, and the time to change the nutrient regimes. Make sure your nutrients are added at the proper times, this includes secondary nutrients both macro and micronutrients. Each and every nutrient is vital to your plant’s growth & quality & quantity that you wish to achieve.


 Be vigilant and check, then check again for the right combination & times for your nutrient schedule. You super soil needs to be dialed in on your particular project. Pay close attention for any deficiencies that may occur with your crop, or any over fertilizing habits. Make sure your water is chlorine and chloramine free, for this causes the killing of beneficial bacteria.


Mycorrhizae is a very important element in successful growing. It allows for better root development & needs less watering. It also produces a better overall, and much healthier product. Many people will just plant and expect mother nature to do the rest, not the case. You need to be totally involved in your project for great results.


 Pay close attention to hours of light and darkness need for each stage of your growing project. The proper outcome for your crop is dependent on light intervals. Check to see the correct times for your vegetative state, and your fruiting or flowering state. These are crucial ingredients for optimal production of your final product.


 Everyone wants to succeed with their grow, and you can too. Just take the time and effort with TLC and you can achieve the results you are looking for! Happy Growing!