This Formula is a 4 week end of flowering spike mix of ingredients. In addition to promoting Final Growth, Size, and amount of yield. This maxes out the performance of the plant you have put so much care into. For use with regular soil growers or for use with advanced growers.

2 TBS. Per 5 Gallon Planter
Sprinkle on surface around plant and scratch int soil surface.

During these final weeks, the bulk of the plant’s energy is focused on developing essential oils, trichomes, fullness and density in the flowers. The right combination of gardening techniques can help to maximize the plant’s genetic potential. This in turn can produce a bouquet of aromas. For results accompanied by luscious, flavorful flowers, oozing with resin. Therefore, producing copious amounts of trichomes that yield handsomely.

Mistakes around this time, can put ceilings on the genetic potential.  Ultimately resulting in medium yields of mildly scented flowers. These will have an unmistakably bland and common flavor, (the proverbial “tastes like chicken” of the Cannabis world). 

In this month’s Grow Tech, we hope to offer a few tips that we’ve found to be nearly universally successful. This is among many different gardeners for the last three to four weeks of flower. Generally called the fruit setting and hardening/ripening stages. 

To be clear about the stage(s) in question here: We generally divide the flowering stage into three parts. The first stage includes the transition, flower opening and stretch.

  It’s during this time that the flower sites “open” on the plant and the plant stretches. In addition to growing taller (between 50 and 400 percent increase in height). It does this to maximize light absorption and give it the best shot at pollination. When this stage is completed, the plant will stop growing in height. Therefore leaving the last two stages to begin. 

    The second stage we call “fruit setting.” It’s during this time that the plant focuses most of it’s energy on developing its flower sites. This makes them bigger and filling in the internodes. This is the stem area between nodes where leaves grow by stacking calyx’s, (those little crystal covered pod things that sandwich the hairs on your dried medication).

  We like this time to do any pruning, thinning and staking. This is so the vast majority or all of these tasks are completed by the fruit setting stage.  
By this stage, almost the entire structure of the plant has already been determined.   
     If you got things right, your plants should be well prepared to set some flowers. A flower-enhancing supplement and a carbohydrate supplement (hopefully delivered the week prior) is very helpful at this time. In ensuring the plant gets adequate nutrients to support the increased energy demands in order to fill out large flowers.

Starting calcium and magnesium supplementation can be helpful at this stage as well. Especially if you have softer water. Use systems or grow strains that thrive in lower PPM environments. Preferably using adjusted RO water. Now adding a calcium magnesium supplement at this stage prevents any deficiency which so often pops up around weeks five to six.   
Proper nutrition in Veg as well as the first stage of flower should ensure that not much more is needed.

The last three to four weeks are crucial in determining flavor and over all quality. It is important to understand flushing is an essential part of growing medical grade Cannabis. Therefore, it is integral to the ripening stage. Some gardeners do nothing but flush for this entire stage, especially if they have fed their soil properly. 

     One of the biggest common errors we see is an understanding. Continuing to feed your plants will ensure that they continue to grow bigger and riper. As a result people end up feeling that the flush is the equivalent to “giving up”. This in effect is not true. We consider this an error because it doesn’t account for the much slower rate. The plants will continue to metabolize and ultimately use the nutrients you feed it. 

    When we notice a change for better or worse in my garden and we suspect it has something to do with the nutrients. We usually look FIRST to what they were eating the previous week. Not what we have been feeding them in the current week. 

   By planning adequate time for plants to truly flush and exhaust their nutrient sources, your plants will fully ripen. By flushing properly, you give your plants the time to receive and respond to the hormonal signals. Ultimately released during, and triggered by the flushing process. Many of the most exciting colors, smells and trichome swelling occurs now. So don’t miss out during this stage due specifically to the lack of nutrients in the plant.
   There are a couple of supplements that we have seen produce more or less universally improved results. 

At this stage, using a PK formula will ensure your plants get adequate phosphorus and potassium. These are the nutrients needed most at this stage. Many gardeners use different techniques to develop hardness and ripeness. Some include: adding molasses to your feeding schedule and using Bombastic by Atami. Often, gardeners will deliberately stress the plant mildly right at the end of the flower stage.   

    Many of the desirable characteristics about Cannabis are largely a result of the biological defense mechanisms employed by the Cannabis plant. By creating somewhat stressful environment, you “trick” the plant. Resulting into focusing its last energy at protecting itself from the stress. Thusly recovering which can lead to increased resin and potency of cannabinoids as well as an increase in essential oils. 

    Light shocking (finishing the plants out with 24 to 48 hours of straight darkness). PK spiking (adding very high levels of Phosphorus and Potassium). These are two methods that when used in moderation on healthy thriving plants. Consistently delivering a small but noticeable boost in quality that can often serve as the “cherry” on top of your sundae.  

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