Nutrients & Amendments

Mixasoil, provides a large array of plant nutrients & amendments. For instance nutrients supply all the elements for proper growth. Improve results with proper knowledge and use of all elements you add. In conclusion you maximize your potential harvest results.

In addition, correct usage of nutrients and amendments, results in better flavor & aroma. Therefore the use of your elements is detrimental. You want your product to be the best you can produce. However, you don’t want to over or under feed your plants.

Therefore be vigilant and learn what times to adjust supplements. When and what to add, all the while obtaining knowledge. This can be a live or die achievement for your plants.

You can achieve the results you are striving for. For instance, watch for tell tale signs of deficiencies in the leaves. In addition, check for stunted growth in your plants. Learn the signs & symptoms of proper nutrition. Then you can and will succeed with your harvest.

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