Mixasoil Starter Soil is a Rich High Quality Starter Soil mix. Inclusive of all the needed requirements for starting your new seeds, clones, or seedling plants. Every plant needs to be started without too much nutrients. Too many nutrients in early stages of growth can cause many problems. These problems can range from stunted growth to nutrient burn. In addition to resulting in killing your plants.


There is just enough nutrients and amendments in this cloning soil to get your plants off to a Great start. All the while, mild enough to pamper your new plants. We start with Sphagnum peat moss, add perlite, micro & macro nutrients, and worm castings to achieve the perfect combination for vigorous plant growth. Get your plants off to a great start with Mixasoil Starter Soil!

Correct use of nutrients is important essentially for two reasons, the first, plain and simple. Marijuana plants are unique and different from your average vegetables or houseplants. I’ve noticed that so many growers out there use generic feeding regimens. with nutrient combinations of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), potassium (K), and micronutrients were exactly the same as simple houseplants. In doing so, they are not giving their crops the ingredients necessary to thrive. This sets them up for a poor harvest from the get-go.


Sphagnum Peat Moss


Worm Castings

Our Mix of Nutrients & Amendments  

1.5 Cubic Foot