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Constant PH control along with soil choice are the most important factors of successful growing. In addition, ensuring proper uptake at the correct growing stages, for control of your PH level. We can help you achieve this with our PH product line. Our soil PH products are all natural, which intern does not affect the organic structure of the soil. Liquid PH up & down chemically change your soil, effecting the microbiology of your soil.

Do not use liquid PH buffers with organic soil. They will do more harm than help in your organic soil. You’ll find that just a pinch of our soil PH products, up or down, will quickly correct your PH levels. For most plants, a soil PH below 5.5 is undesirable.  Liming materials include ground limestone which is mainly calcium carbonate and dolomitic limestone which contains and some magnesium carbonate.

Most soils are often acidic or alkaline. Unfortunately, the meanings of these terms and their relationship to plant growth are not clearly understood by some gardeners. The acidity or alkalinity of soil is indicated by its PH. The PH scale runs from 0 to 14. Any PH reading below 7 is acidic and any PH above 7 is alkaline. A PH of 7 indicates a neutral soil. The PH is important because it influences the availability of essential nutrients. Most horticultural crops will grow satisfactorily in soils having a PH between 6 and 7.5. Since most garden soils are in this range, most gardeners experience few problems with soil PH.

However, for medicinal crops a PH of 6.0-6.3 are favorable for optimal harvests. A PH below 5.8 will result in macronutrient deficiencies. Then again, a PH above 6.5 will create micronutrient deficiencies. Therefore,  it is best to stay in the 5.8-6.3 range at all stages of growth.


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