Vegetable Mix

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This is the perfect soil mix for tuber-type vegetables. Containing sphagnum moss, sand, compost, top soil, and Mixasoil Vegetable Mix Kits. All the while containing all the nutrients your plants need.


  • Live, organic mixture
  • Premixed and aged for your convenience
  • Ideal for vegetables
  • Includes essential amendments and trace elements
  • Easy to use
  • Satisfaction guaranteed!

These are high-quality, nutrient-rich Super Soil Mixes. In addition all soils made with our own Mix Kits. The difference is we do all the work. The mixing, turning, and aging until the soil is ready for planting. All you need to do is fill your planters with this Mixasoil, plant, water, and enjoy the results.


  • Plant your veggies in minutes and see an incredible harvest.
  • No aging, mixing, or additions necessary.
  • Soil can be amended for additional harvests.

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Weight 20 lbs