Neem Cake Compost, 5 lbs



Neem Cake is the material from Azadiracta indica. After the oil is extracted it becomes a well-decomposed soil amendment. It’s used by gardeners as compost for plants requiring rich nutrients. Above all stimulates growth of all plants and microbes in compost and soil. Neem Cake is an excellent soil conditioner. Therefore feeding the microorganisms in the soil. Allthe while boosting the soils activity, helping fight off many fungus problems.

When used as a soil amendment, fungus gnats can be controlled. In addition, it’s effective against root knot nematodes.  Neem Seed Meal is an excellent source of macro and micro nutrients. Neem Cake can be made into a tea. Just place 1-2 cups of meal into 5 gallons of water and let steep. All the while percolating  for 3 days. Then used as a foliar fertilizer spray.   Using Neem tea can help control spider mites. Neem Seed Meal can be added to potting mixes. Although shouldn’t be used for indoor plants because it will put off an odd order.

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Weight 5 lbs