Potassium Sulphate for Gardens, 5 lbs



Potassium sulfate is a great source of potassium for gardens. It provides potassium in a stable, pH-neutral form, and some brands are even OMRI listed as certified organic.

Potassium is an essential element for plant growth, but it is often limited in garden soils. Potassium is known as the “health element”, and a shortage of potassium effects both quality and yield. Even before visible signs of a potassium deficiency appear, the plant can suffer from “hidden hunger”. Potassium is an important co-factor for producing ATP, the energy molecule of the plant. Since ATP drives many important chemical reactions in the plant, adequate potassium is required at every stage of plant growth. With insufficient potassium, plant growth stalls, resistance to pests and disease weakens, fruit quality suffers, and the plant leaves eventually yellow and die. Therefore, supplemental potassium is beneficial for all vegetable gardens, unless a soil analysis indicates otherwise.

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Weight 5 lbs