The Purpose of Super Soil

The purpose of super soil is to alleviate the guess work in growing plants. Choosing the nutrients and amendments that you will use, and when to use them. We here at Mixasoil Ready Mix Super Soils, estimate and do test after test to determine the exact needs of a plant. All this is done for the convenience and ease of the customer.

Therefore, you must be confident in the super soil that you choose. In addition, make sure that your choice of organic soil has the right amendments for your growing needs. Anyone can say they sell super soil, but you need to check the ingredients in their soil. Many companies have a list of a few basic ingredients, but make no mistake, check them. They get by with using less nutrients than needed for optimum growth.

You need different organic soils for different growing applications. For instance, peppers are different from tomatoes, and tomatoes are different than cannabis. Choose your super soil accordingly. All super soils should release different nutrients at different times.

Your choice of soils will ultimately determine the outcome of your harvests. Hopefully for you, it will be the right choice. With complete information on nutritional needs of your crop, you can achieve that outcome.