Enough cannot be said on the importance of top-dressing super soil. Top dressing is essential for the continued growth of all plants and revitalizing of all living organic soils. This is especially true with super soils. Just make sure you have the proper nutrient additives for the type of plant requirements you may need. For instance, tomatoes have different needs than peppers or carrots.

 Find and create your personal top dress formula. Top dressing should be done throughout the plant’s life. The only thing is to change the formula needs for the plant’s different stages of life. For instance, more nitrogen for early greening on the plant. Then later more phosphorus and potassium for fruiting. Remember, check what nutrients are needed for all stages of a plant’s life.

For example, any fruiting plants need to have the top dressing changed as soon as they start producing signs of fruit. In addition, medical cannabis should be top dressed at week four of flower with a reduction of nitrogen and boosts of potassium and phosphorus. This revitalizes your super soil and provides your plants with new essential nutrients.