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Living Organic Super Soil

Grow Bigger, Healthier Plants!
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Key Features

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The Ultimate Living Organic Super Soil (Cooked)

Created and home-based in St. Louis, Mo.
We are unsurpassed by other Super Soils.
Safe For Use With Autoflowers & Established Clones.
TOTALLY Complete Super Soil Ready for Use.
No additives are necessary, and there is no layering or mixing.
No waiting, No extra effort needed!
Fill Planter, Water & Watch Grow!
Can any Super Soil honestly say they are cooked by aging?
We Can and Do!

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Mixasoil May Be the Very Best Cannabis Soil on the Market Today!

After years of experimenting, we are finally bringing our living soil products to the public! We saw a space in the market where there needed to be quality, water only super soil, especially for cannabis growers. Enjoyably we bring you these products and hope you too can enjoy the fantastic results and benefits that we offer and are achieving. This makes us so excited and convinced that you will love our organic soils and soil mix kits that we have a satisfaction guaranteed policy!

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Mixasoil Living Super Soil Has Perhaps the Largest Soil Biodiversity Available!

Living soil is all about diversity. The diversity of fungi, bacteria, protozoa, nematodes, arthropods, and earthworms breaks down organic matter that produces nutrients for plants to use. Who knew that all those things make soil healthy…a living soil! 

This refers to all the variety of life that can be found on Earth. Inclusive of, (plants, animals, fungi, and microorganisms) as well as the communities that they form and the habitats in which they live. The activity of soil biodiversity can be stimulated by improving soil living conditions, such as aeration, temperature, moisture, and nutrient quantity and quality. 

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Our Cultivation Super Soil is Reusable

Reusing, re-amending, and recycling super soil can be very beneficial and can save you money. Reusing the soil after it grows makes sense and saves cash. When your plant was a male and was removed, you only need to re-amend the soil. If your plant ran its full course, then you will need the Mixasoil Super Soil Mix Kit for full amending & reuse.

Either way, you save cash! You only amend what is needed for the next growth season. Make sure to determine the needs of your soil to be reused before amending. We have multiple Super Soil Mix Kits to choose from, from the Re-amend Kit to the full super soil mix kit and more.

Mixasoil Grow Media Usage

You can use Mixasoil Ready Mix as you would any other Super Soil, with no mixing or layering involved. The choice is up to you. Go ahead, be the judge, and benefit from the results of using Our Mixasoil Products. You won't regret it!

Your Investment in Organic Super Soil

Want your investment to be the best possible choice it can be? Your number 1 concern is your investment in the proper Living Organic Super Soil. We think that Mixasoil Ready Mix is the Best Cannabis Super Soil for you. In addition, the proper soil with the correct ingredients creates the best final products. Of course, everyone wants the best and can achieve it.

We all know that nutrients are of essential importance to your plant life & vigor. Fantastic results lie in not selling yourself short as a grower but examining what you are doing & buying. Remember, you are investing in expensive seeds and or clones while putting in the time and effort to achieve great results.

This involves properly setting up lights, CO2, environmental controls, choice of mediums, water source and installing the proper power input hardware. Thus, finalizing the grow room to give yourself the best growing habitat possible.

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 In Summation

Growing the healthiest of plants with the highest yield possible is your goal. Anything less, and you are really selling yourself short. Proper soil, nutrients and the skillful mastery of their use are your tools, ensuring that you achieve the best possible end results. We have put together these water-only Super Soil Ready Mixes and Concentrated Soil Mix Kits to grow the VERY BEST products possible.

The Super Soil is Like No Other Super Soil; Compare Us & See

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Simplify Your Growing Experience

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Why Choose Mixasoil?

Mixasoil is a Cannabis Super Soil growing medium whose formula was created based on years of experience, trial, and error, and finally modified for EXCELLENT AROMA, FLAVOR, and HARVEST RESULTS!

This is a premium high-quality, nutrient-rich premixed & aged super soil made with our own mix kits, with over 23 ingredients. No other soil compares! Ready-Mix Super Soil is completely ready for use. Just put your soil in the desired planter, insert the plant, and water it. Watch and enjoy the results! Absolutely no further effort is needed throughout the growing season.

The difference is we do all the work, the mixing, turning, and aging until the soil is perfectly prepared for planting. No further purchases are necessary when you purchase Ready-Mix Super Soil. Our Super Soil needs no other additives, so no more money needs to be spent. Other Super Soils require more soil purchases for layering or mixing on top of the original soil purchase. This adds up, plus other soils require aging. The time you save with our aged Super Soil can put you 6 to 8 weeks ahead of other soils. That’s half of a plant’s life!

Perhaps you don't feel like doing the work or waiting for the time it takes to mix and age the medium. Maybe you do not have the space to make your medium. Well, then this is the perfect product for you! We realize there are many choices of super soils you may choose from, though we do feel that our Super Soil will outperform all of our competitors.             

Our Super Soil is also Safe for Autoflowers!

Mixasoil Super Soils are best used at full strength.

Maximize Your Harvests

You simply cannot find a better Super Soil!