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    Mixasoil Ultra Super Soil Mix Kits and Mixasoil Ready Mix Ultra Super Soil Mediums


    Mixasoil is a Super Soil growing Medium based on years of experience, trial and error, and Modified for EXELLENT AROMA, FLAVOR, and HARVEST  RESULTS!! 


    This is a High Quality, Nutrient Rich Super Soil Mix made with Our own Mix Kits, with over 22 ingredients the Difference is We do All the Work, the Mixing, Turning, and Aging until the Soil is Ready For Planting. All you need to do is Fill Planters, plant and Just Water.

    Perhaps you don't feel like doing the work or waiting all the time to age the medium, or you do not have the space to make your medium, This is the Perfect product for you!

    This Medium is completely mixed, aged and ready for planting

    This is enough medium to fill 1 five-gallon planter.

    .75 Cubic Foot Bags.

    Mixasoil is a Living Super Soil enriched with more Nutrients, Amendments, and Trace Elements than any other Super Soil on the Market Today!

    Mixasoil Premixed and Aged Ultra Super Mixasoil Ultra Super Soil Mix Kit Soil Ready Mix Mediums are completely prepared for planting, and growing.

    Unlike other Super Soils, with this soil there is no layering or any other needed ingredients. Just plant your 3 week old plant in the soil,  water and watch the Results!

    Mixasoil Ultra Super Soil Mix Kits need to be prepared, mixed, and aged for 4 to 6 weeks. 

    These kits and mixes include all the Nutrients, Amendments, and Trace Elements needed for a full cycle of growing.

    No other Super Soils, or Mediums on the market today have the same amount of ingredients as Mixasoil with over 20 ingredients for absolutely every need your plants will ever have, Without nutrient burn or lockout!!

    All you need is water and care to achieve Fantastic results!

    For years we have run test after test to aquire the exact ratios of Amendments, Nutrients, and Minerals to achieve the Ultimate Mixasoil Product. It seems easy to grow a nice plant, but to grow a superior plant is something different. The medium is the most important of the cycle. Yes you have to watch PH, light, temperature, humidity etc, but Mixasoils will get you off to a great start.

    A Great feature about this Medium is that after the growing season is over you can use the medium over and over and over as much as you like.

    Just remove the stem and roots, then re-amend with Mixasoil Kit and add 3 LBS worm castings or buy our Mixasoil Kit with worm castings. Then just mix and water turning occasionally for 4 to 6 weeks, and your ready to grow again.


      Correct use of nutrients is important essentially for two reasons: The first, plain and simple, is that most plants are unique and different from your average vegetables or houseplants. I’ve noticed that so many growers out there use generic feeding regimens with nutrient combinations of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), potassium (K) and micronutrients that were exactly the same as those used to grow simple houseplants.  In doing so, they are not giving their crops their just dues of importance, and this sets them up for under-achieving from the get-go. Assuming that all plants are the same in growing and need the same type of nutrients at the same stages of growth is certainly a horrible mistake to make, but what I have noticed that is even worse is that amateur growers compound this major mistake by also assuming that any old N-P-K micronutrient fertilizer will be sufficient for their crop. Let’s face it; the sad truth is that an alarmingly large number of nutrient makers out there would rather just slap on some snazzy packaging that makes you feel good about what you are buying, thinking that the generic “soup” you’ve bought will do the work for you. This medium really will work for you.

    The second big reason why nutrients are so important to your plants’ growth lies in not selling yourself short as a grower.  Examine what you are doing:  Investing in the expensive seeds, putting in all the time to properly set up the lights, CO2 and environmental controls, growth medium, water source, power input hardware, and building the growing room itself, all means one thing and one thing only – that you OWE it to yourself to give yourself the best growing, healthiest of plants with the highest yielding buds possible.  Anything less, and you are really selling yourself short.  Nutrients and the skillful mastery of their use are your tools in helping to assure that you don’t sell yourself short. This is why I have put together these kits and soils to grow the VERY BEST POSSIBLE Mixasoil Super Soil products.



    We Also have Vegetable Soil Mixes and Kits, and Carry an Array of Amendments, Nutrients and Trace Minerals

    Mixasoil product results


      After years of experimenting, were finally bringing our product to you the public. 


    You be the Judge and try Our Products, the truth can be found only by the User. An You being the user will benefit by the results!

    We finally feel like we have the Soil product that deserves to be on the market. We Proudly bring you these Soils & Soil Kit Mixes and hope you too can enjoy the fantastic results  that we are achieving and offer. 


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