Super Soil Ready Mix - Premixed & Aged


Super Soil Ready Mix  

Our super soil is an organic, living growing soil. It’s enriched with more nutrients, amendments, and trace elements. More than any other growing soil on the market today!

Our premixed and aged super soil ready-mix mediums are completely prepared for planting, and growing.

Unlike other super soils, with this organic soil no layering or any other ingredients are necessary. Just plant your three-week old plant in the soil, water, and watch the results!

Mixasoil is a super soil recipe growing medium whose formula was created based on years of experience. Moreover, trial and error, finally modified for  EXCELLENT AROMA, FLAVOR, and HARVEST RESULTS!

Soil Information

This is a high-quality, nutrient-rich premixed & aged super soil. In addition to making with our own mix kits, with over 23 ingredients. The difference is we do all the work, the mixing, turning. Inclusive of aging until the soil is perfectly prepared for planting. All you need to do is fill your planters with Mixasoil, plant, water, and just enjoy the results.

Our Super Soils are safe to use at full strength. You may also use our soils for the bottom third, or the bottom half. The choice is up to you, but the best results come from full strength application.


Mixasoil Super Soil Ready Mix has perhaps the greatest soil biodiversity on the market! Biodiversity is the shortened form of two words “biological” and “diversity”. It refers to all the variety of life that can be found on Earth. Inclusive of, (plants, animals, fungi and micro-organisms) as well as to the communities that they form and the habitats in which they live. No other soil compares! Our Premixed & Aged Super Soils involve very little effort with all the nutritional requirements for a growing season.

These premium super soil ready mixes come premixed and aged. However, are available in DIY soil mix kits or ready mixes. Our growing soils are organic materials from top to bottom. Ingredients are time released for maximum results at the proper growth stages. Most super soils have 6 to 10 amendments added to the soil.

Mixasoil Super Soil Ready Mixes have over 22 different amendments, nutrients, and trace elements. With this array of ingredients your plants receive everything needed for all stages of growth. This Promotes flowering, in addition to reducing the risk of nutrient burn or lockout.

Our organic soils are completely reusable with proper amending. Therefore, just purchase a Mixasoil Re-Amend Kit. Add worm castings, 1 pound for 5 gallons. However you can purchase a Mixasoil Re-Amend Kit with worm castings added. Either way just add the kit, mix, water, and turn occasionally. After that, two to four weeks you will be ready to Plant!

Maximize Your Yield With Mixasoil Ready Mix Super Soil

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