Mixasoil Super Bloom

About Mixasoil Super Bloom

Our Mixasoil Super Bloom took years to achieve this wonderful Bloom. Therefore, we have saved everyone the time it takes to mix up a batch of bloom formula. In addition, other blooms you buy just might not measure up. With this bloom formula, not only will you get faster results, they’ll be better results. Your bud sites will glisten with trichomes, in addition, they will be larger and more flavorful than ever before.

Our Super Bloom, for enhancing bud sites, rocks! Proper use of this Bloom Formula, will increase and enhance bud forming. Therefore, it can be used with regular soil or super soil. Your buds will glisten with trichomes, not to mention denser more flavorful, and aromatic!

Our main goal was create a Super Bloom  mix of a superior quality. We experimented with dozens of combinations. This formula was a milestone in our efforts. It will perform well with any medium used.

Either way you will have success with your harvests when used properly. You get the benefits of a great harvest with investing in the proper materials.

Great results are found for those wishing to achieve them! So, try our line of products be the judge. Feel free to send in a review of your purchases.


Includes essential amendments and trace elements
Easy to mix
Satisfaction guaranteed!

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