The Mixasoil Super Soil Difference



Completely Organic

These premium living super soils come premixed and aged. Mixasoil Super Soils are also available in DIY soil mix kits. All of our growing soils are organic materials from top to bottom. All these ingredients are time released for maximum uptake at the proper growth stages. Most living super soils have 6 to 10 amendments in the mixture. Mixasoil has over 23 different amendments, nutrients, and trace elements. With this array of ingredients your plants are sure to receive everything they need for all stages of growth. Therefore, eliminating the risk of nutrient burn or lockout.

Our organic soil mediums are also completely reusable with proper amending. All you need to do is  purchase a Mixasoil Re-Amend Kit and then add worm castings, or purchase a Mixasoil Re-Amend Kit with worm castings added. Either way just add the kit, mix, water, and turn occasionally — and in two to four weeks you will be ready to Plant!


Ease of Use

Our Ready-Mix Super Soil needs no mixing or aging. Just put your Super Soil in the desired planter, install plant, water & watch it grow! In addition, no further effort is needed throughout the growing season.

When you purchase our Ready-Mix Super Soil, there is no further purchases necessary. Our Super Soil needs no other additives, so no more money need be spent. Other Super Soils require more soil purchases for layering or mixing on top of the original super soil purchase.

This adds up, plus they may require aging. The time you save with our Super Soil can put you 6 to 8 weeks ahead of other soils. That’s half of a plant’s life!


Flavor and Aroma

Our recipe contains every trace element, nutrient, and amendment your plant will ever need, and it releases them at all the optimum times.

Our organic soil medium has all nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium necessary for early growth to promote strong and healthy root systems in your plants. Then, at mid-growth, our mixture releases lower phosphorus and high nitrogen, as well as moderate potassium.

Finally for flowering, our growing soil release lower nitrogen with higher phosphorus and high potassium. All of this careful control of all the nutrients results in far better flavor and aroma from your plants.


Bounties of Harvest

Mixasoil is proven to produce tighter and larger bud sites with its long-term release effects. More potassium towards the end of flowering is what ensures the larger amounts and better harvests. The dry molasses provides for better flavor and aroma.


Years of Trial and Error

After over 30 years of experimenting, trial, and error, we have come up with our Premium Premixed and Aged Super Soil Mediums & Super Soil Kits— finally available to the public. Everyone deserves to have a good final medicinal product or vegetable product after all the hard work and money they spend. That’s why we have lightened the load of work necessary, for your convenience and benefit!

Just Water Only

All of our Ready Mix Super Soils, and Super Soil Mix Kits are water only. It’s very simple, now that your Kind Soil is mixed, aged and ready, all that’s left is to add water throughout the entire life growth cycles of the plants. I recommend Humic Acid or Ascorbic Acid added to tap water to remove chlorine and chloramine, before pouring on the soil. I do not recommend reverse osmosis (RO) water because that removes too many needed minerals and magnesium, plus it does not remove chloramine or chlorine.


PH Control

PH should be no problem as your plants grow, but the water should be around 5.6 to 6.3 PH for the best results. Use only organic safe liquid PH adjusters; regular liquid adjusters will harm the existing micro-organisms and the super soil will no longer be all-organic. We recommend citric acid for PH-down, and potassium carbonate for PH-up. 

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