About Mixasoil - The Ultimate Living Organic Super Soil


Welcome to Mixasoil, home of the Ultimate Living Organic Super Soil! Based in St. Louis, Missouri, we are dedicated to bringing you top-quality, water-only super soil specifically designed for cannabis growers. After years of experimenting and perfecting our formula, we are proud to introduce Mixasoil to the public.

The Mixasoil Difference:

What sets Mixasoil apart from other super soils is our unique "cooking" process. We age our soil to ensure the highest possible quality, therefore,making it the perfect growing medium for cannabis plants. In addition, Our Super Soil is safe for use with established autoflowers, and  clones, requiring no additives, layering, or mixing. Simply fill your planter, water it, and watch your plants grow!

Our mission is to provide the best cannabis soil on the market today. We believe that a diverse, living soil is the key to a healthy, thriving plant. That's why Mixasoil Super Soil boasts an impressive biodiversity, teeming with fungi, bacteria, and protozoa. Inclusive of nematodes, arthropods, and earthworm castings, that work together to break down organic matter and provide essential nutrients for your plants.

Not only is Mixasoil an exceptional growing medium, but it's also reusable, saving you both time and money. Our Super Soil can be re-amended and recycled after each grow, ensuring that your investment goes even further.

With Mixasoil, there's no need for additional mixing or layering. Simply use our Ready Mix as you would any other super soil and enjoy the incredible results. We are confident that our Super Soil will outperform our competitors, and we back it with a satisfaction-guaranteed policy.


Your investment in Mixasoil is an investment in the future of your cannabis plants. We understand that proper soil, nutrients, and growing conditions are essential to achieving the highest possible yield. That's why we've developed our water-only Super Soil Ready Mixes and Concentrated Soil Mix Kits to help you grow the very best products possible.

Experience the Mixasoil difference for yourself and discover why our premium, high-quality, super soil is the top choice for cannabis growers. With over 23 nutrient-rich ingredients and a convenient, ready-to-use format, Mixasoil is the ultimate living organic super soil for your cannabis plants.

Choose Mixasoil and maximize your harvests. Experience excellent aroma, flavor, and harvest results with our unique, aged super soil. Compare us to other cannabis soils, and you'll see why Mixasoil is the ultimate choice for growers who demand the best.