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 by K Reilly
Everything You Need For Success

Excellent product and the customer service is award winning. This is the unicorn of soils you've heard it's great but the proof is in the pudding. This is so easy to use the hard work is already done for you. Many thanks to the owner.

 by terpy_tony420
Ultimately Pleased

The best flower fade I have ever seen. So gradual, I had several people lol thinking the soil would need flowering supplementation. At flowering they all said absolutely no bloom formula needed, looks like a perfect fade. I've told everyone I know about your soil and anytime someone in the grow groups asking about living soil, I always throw a link to Mixasoil, you are the s#%t. Keep up what your doing man you don't even realize how much your helping people!

 by William Lawrence
Great product!

I purchased the mixasoil bloom dry amendment from happy hydro, and I must say I'm very impressed! My girl scout cookies auto and AK 47 auto have shown very little to no nute burn while using this product and the bud density was exceptionally good. Great product!

 by Doug Hocker

I have been growing for 3 years and have tried several completely different types of soil including the layered living soil and I've used nutes. Using this soil it was hard to train my brain to not give it anything at all except a drink of water. I used humic acid to remove the chlorimine from tap water and then I Phed the water and used recharge. That was it during vege. During flower I used his super bloom as directed and only two times during flowering with really great results. I've never had this kind of bud develope this quickly. I'm growing several different strains and the results are the same across the board. The stalks are huge thick and strong. These plants were sooooo much less fuss then I'm used to while growing. I usually always have to adjust this or that to keep things optimal but this time literally did nothing but sit back and watch. I work 10 hour days and literally would come home to New growth every day. I wish I could load pics and show you how amazing these plants have turned out and with so much less work. This soil is truly seed to harvest. I have ran 23 plants through it total now and have had the exact same results each plant.

 by Doug
Soil review

Hi, I'm a first time user of your soil and so far the plants are loving it. It seems like amazing soil.

 by Judith Kleiser
Outstanding harvest!

No doubt this soil made our first grow successful. Outstanding harvest. Great job MIXASOIL!

 by Joe
Fantastic Soil

Definitely the best quality soil I've used yet. I will certainly buy more, remarkable results!

 by JD
Working Great

Good evening, I was driving earlier but to answer your question yes they are performing great 😁. The experience with your super soil has been super and they're actually performing better than I expected. I would also like to purchase 200 gallons since it would be cheaper to get more.

 by SqueezeBox
Good mix

3 weeks into the soil very good vegetative growth. I burned the plants outside in unworthy soil. My pants quickly recovered and thrived once transplanted. This soil is fully amended to support growth needed early. We will give another review after flower start eager to see the results. Curious if I need to add teas during veg and bloom? You asked for the review you got it bro great product and it’s local.

 by Steven Kennie


My photoperiod plants growing outdoors are doing great in your Supersoil. I started them indoors and they are now about 6’ tall.
I also have 6 Auto’s growing in your soil in a tent under led lighting. The Auto’s are 5 weeks old and full of small buds.

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