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by SqueezeBox on
Good mix

3 weeks into the soil very good vegetative growth. I burned the plants outside in unworthy soil. My pants quickly recovered and thrived once transplanted. This soil is fully amended to support growth needed early. We will give another review after flower start eager to see the results. Curious if I need to add teas during veg and bloom? You asked for the review you got it bro great product and it’s local.

by Steven Kennie on


My photoperiod plants growing outdoors are doing great in your Supersoil. I started them indoors and they are now about 6’ tall.
I also have 6 Auto’s growing in your soil in a tent under led lighting. The Auto’s are 5 weeks old and full of small buds.

by Steven Brown on

Thanks I appreciate it, loving your mixasoil 👍🏼

by Jesse on

We've been using Mixasoil products for almost a year now and couldn't be happier. It works with everything we've thrown at it. Looking forward to using the top dress soon!

by Dennis on

Awsome, could not have gotten any better results with my autoflowers than with this Mixasoil product, excellent!!

by Max on

This stuff is the bomb! Priced extremely well I highly recommend!

by Mark on

Excellent product. This is the soil you want for real probiotic results. No need for salt based nutes with this. Just water and grow ! Highly recommend Mixasoil.

by Corey Boutte on

Awesome and I really am gonna spread the word mixasoil is the sh..t ..and I'm gonna get them to buy from u guys

I'm loving it gonna need more ?

by Mathew Compton on

Week 2 of autoflowers transplant. Seems perfect!

by Ron Minas on

This soil is awesome my plants are doing very very well

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