Organic Growing

Growing a superior product is just as much an art as it is a hobby or a job. It takes the proper soils at the proper growth stages. Therefore, the right nutrients and amendments at the right times produces a quality product. All soils have their uses, such as starter soil, Super soil, enhanced soil, organic living soil. Each can be used with success but used in combination is best. Soils used in the proper manner produce the best product. I begin with starter soil for seeds or clones. because new plants have a very small need for nutrients at this time. Fertilizing when young causes burning and stunting of growth. All the while causing a tendency to kill young plants. Then I move on to enhanced organic living soil. This is for early mid to mid stages of the plant’s life. This acclimates the plant to receive more nutrients and amendments. Therefore, get ready for the final step to Super Soil. In conclusion, the final step is put the plants in Super Soil. At this time they receive all the nutrients and amendments needed to finalize growth until harvest. Of course, you may want to top dress at 4 weeks into flowering. Perhaps use a sucanat for the 8 weeks of flowering, this is up to you. With proper care, a little love & tlc you can produce a high quality product that you will be proud to present.