Potting Soil Mediums

Mixasoil Potting Soil Mediums come with the proper nutrients needed in every bag we mix. Carefully mixed and blended for optimal growth when maintaining proper ph. levels.

Our Hot Pepper Super Soil Mix is uniquely blended to achieve maximum nutrition. Different soils require different composition so check your particular plants N-P-K needs. We also have All Purpose Potting soil Mediums.

For instance, tomatoes require more potassium and phosphorus. While, hot peppers require almost even amounts of N-P-K. These are just examples for your benefit. Soil mixes are all different. Therefore, know the needs of the vegetable grown.

In other words, try to choose your soil accordingly. Above all, Make sure your N-P-K ratios fit your soil. You want your veggies to be the biggest, juiciest, & tastiest ever. With Our Potting soil you can’t go wrong. Buy a specially blended soil for the vegetable grown. We prepare and ship the soil to your place.

You too can grow Plants successfully, compare our potting soil mediums and see the difference. Our Soils are completely Organically Sourced.

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