Mixasoil Super Soil Mix Kits (Concentrate)

Mixasoil Mix Kits
These Kits need to be prepared, mixed, and aged for four to six weeks.

These Super Soil Mix Kits and mixes include all the nutrients, amendments, and trace elements needed for a full cycle of growing.

No other super soil mix kits, or kind soils on the market today have the same amount of ingredients as Mixasoil. Over 20 ingredients for every need your plants will ever have. All this without nutrient burn or lockout!

All you need is water and care to achieve fantastic results!

For years we have run test after test to acquire the exact ratio of amendments, nutrients, and minerals. Achieving  the ultimate super soil mix kit took many different attempts and failures. It seems easy to grow a nice plant, but to grow a superior plant is something different. Using the right medium is the most important of the growing cycle. Yes, you have to watch PH, light, temperature, humidity, etc., but Mixasoil’s super soil will get you off to a great start.

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