Reuse Super Soil

Reuse Super Soil

How To Reuse Super Soil

All our organic soils are reusable. Therefore, proper amending is necessary for desired results.

The great feature about our product, is to Reuse Super Soil after the growing season is over. In addition to using the medium over and over and over, as much as you’d like. Reusing Super Soils can save you time and money. There is no reason to throw away perfectly good soil. Even if someone recommends that route. All soils are amendable, and in fact should be amended. All the time spent creating your soil is valuable. Just put in some compost, and perlite, and add a Mixasoil Re-amend Kit. Then you have a renewed soil that should be usable almost immediately.

Just remove the stem and roots, then re-amend with a Mixasoil Re-Amend Kit and add 3 pounds of worm castings or buy our Mixasoil Re-Amend Kit that includes worm castings. Add compost, perlite, just mix and water, turning occasionally for two weeks, and you’re ready to grow again.

Reusing, Re-Amending, and Recycling super soil can be very beneficial and save you money. By reusing the soil after the grow makes sense and saves cash. If your plant was a male and was removed, you only need to re-amend the soil. If your plant ran its full course, then you will need to recycle for reuse. Either way you save cash! You only amend what is needed for the next grow season. Make sure to determine the needs of your soil to be reused, before amending. We have many of the Mixasoil Super Soil Kits you may need. From the Re-amend Kit, to the full super soil mix kit, and more.

Mixasoil Soil Mix Kits include all the nutrients, trace elements, and amendments necessary for a full season of growing.

No other nutrients or amendments are needed during growing life cycle. Just add water with a PH of 6 to 6.5. Let tap water set overnight for chlorine dissipation.

Over Twice the Nutrients of Other Competitors Without the Nutrient Burn!!!

Your Investment

The most important and first priority is your investment in the proper Living Organic Super Soil. The second reason is why nutrients are so important to your plants. Growth lies in not selling yourself short as a grower. Examine what you are doing. Investing in expensive seeds all the while putting in all the time. Properly set up the lights, CO2 and environmental controls. The super soil medium, a water source, installing power input hardware. Building the grow room to give yourself the best growing habitat. In essence, growing the healthiest of plants with the highest yielding buds possible. Anything less, and you are really selling yourself short.  Nutrients and the skillful mastery of their use are your tools. Ensuring that you don’t sell yourself short. I have put together these kits and super soils to grow the VERY BEST products.

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