Here you can shop from a list of our products. We have many on our site to choose from. Everything from Ready Mix Super Soils, Super Soil Mix Kit concentrates. In addition to, Starter Soil, Tomato & Potting soils. Top dress Formulas to get you through the season, and much, much more.

Mixasoil is a Cannabis Soil growing medium whose formula was created based on years of experience, trial and error. In addition to, specially modified for an EXCELLENT AROMA, FLAVOR, and HARVEST RESULTS!

When you purchase our Ready-Mix Super Soil, there are no further purchases necessary. Our Super Soil needs no other additives, so no more money need be spent. Other Super Soils require more soil purchases for layering or mixing on top of the original soil purchase.

This adds up, plus other soils may require aging. The time you save with our Super Soil can put you 6 to 8 weeks ahead of other soils. That’s half of a plant’s life! When you do shop our products and make a purchase. Please let us know if your happy with your purchase. We realize, there are many choices of super soils to choose from. Though we do feel that our Super Soil will outperform all of our competitors.

Shop our high-quality, nutrient-rich Super Soil mix made with our own mix kits, with over 23 ingredients. The difference in our super soil is that we do all the work — the mixing, turning, and aging — until the soil is ready for planting. All you need to do is fill your planters, add plant, and water.

Perhaps you don’t feel like doing the work or waiting all the time to age the medium, or you do not have the space to make your medium. This is the perfect product for you!

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