Super Soil Nutrient Information

Here at Mixasoil, our super soil ready mix contains all the necessary nutrients & amendments for a full growing season. Every nutrient that is supplied by mother nature is in our organic living soils. All our super soils are inclusive of the extra needs of flowering. These are not included by mother nature, but we supply the extra needs for larger harvests. Hence providing you the optimal growing combination to achieve excellent final harvests.


Why are Nutrients so Important for Plants?


  • Nitrogen (N): Every plant needs nitrogen because it is used in all growth processes. Above all it is a component of amino acids. Therefore used in plant cells as building blocks for enzymes. Proteins and the green chlorophyll pigments are included.


  • Phosphorus (P) : The phosphorus plays a key role in plant energy transfer and storage . For instance, it is the power station that your plant needs in order to accumulate and use energy from nitrogen.


  • Potassium (K) : Potassium is required by plants for a number of critical processes. These include the development of cell walls, flowering and water uptake.


  • Sulfur (S) : Sulfur is used in plants for the formation of many amino acids. This includes some of the proteins and vitamins needed for chlorophyll production. It also plays a part in reducing stress from environmental fluctuations, diseases and pests.


  • Calcium (CA) : Just as we need calcium for strong teeth and bones. Plants need calcium to build strong cell walls, healthy roots and strong growing points. Overuse of potassium can cause a calcium deficiency. Particularly if your soil has a low pH content.


  • Magnesium (MG) : This element is a component in chlorophyll. It is needed to move phosphorus around the plant. It moves around the plant and any deficiency is seen in older leaves first.

Trace Nutrients

  • Trace Nutrients : These nutrients are required in trace amounts. These should also be considered when choosing nutrients for your plant to get a healthy overall mix.


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