The Simplicity of Mixasoil Super Soil Ready Mix

The Simplicity of Mixasoil

The Simplicity of Mixasoil Super Soil could not be easier than filling planter & water. No kidding, it is as easy as that with our living soil. Numerous tests we’ve performed, produced bountiful & very similar results within multiple strains.

There is no longer the need to keep track of every plant that is put into flower. You don’t have to keep up with all the different feeding schedules. No longer having to keep multitudes of feeding nutrients on hand. Flushing will be a thing of the past; all these are the benefits of using Mixasoil Super Soil Ready Mix.

Imagine a soil that feeds each plant in every phase of growth with just ph. proper water. An actual grow system with no charting but the 12/12 switch. We ask you what could possibly be easier?

Keys For Healthy Plants:

The key to successful cannabis growing is the proper knowledge of all aspects of the growing process. This includes keeping track of water types and water ph. levels, as well as soil ph. levels. The slightest discrepancies can have major effects on your overall growth. If you see a problem with your plant, check the soil ph. first then diagnose and treat, NEVER treat first.

Most people neglect the soil ph. which is much more important than the water ph. level. Keeping the grow medium at optimal ph. assures a healthy cannabis plant. That is why we created Mixasoil just for that purpose, we do the work for you.

While using Mixasoil you still need to watch your soil ph. This is because a heavy feeding plant can raise the ph. of soil but doesn’t have the capability of lowering it. Therefore, you need to keep track of soil ph. so you can avoid this issue.


The Simplicity of Mixasoil Summation:

Just try it for yourself, to be your own Judge & Jury!

Feel free to contact us anytime for any issues you may experience and would like help with.