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Growing Medium PH Reducer can be a vital part of your growing regime. Your plant medium PH is the most important part of successful grow. Keep in mind, this is different than your watering PH. Water PH is done on a regular basis, where as medium PH should be checked and corrected every 3 to 4 weeks. Remember, you should always treat your growing medium PH separate and different than you watering PH.

Mixasoil Growing Medium PH Reducer will work immediately, just check PH about 1 hour after application. Reapply if necessary.

Plants will change the medium PH to whatever the needs the plant might need. For example, heavy feeders will more rapidly and severely affect your PH levels. Plants that need more micronutrients will tend to raise the PH levels. This is where Growing Medium PH Reducer will come into play. Plants that require more macronutrients will lower PH levels to achieve their needs. To repair this, incorporate 1 TBS baking soda per gallon of water to raise your medium PH.

When using baking soda you will need to add some dolomite or oyster shell flour top dress to maintain the PH. If you do not top dress, you will need to apply more baking soda every 3 weeks.

While you are growing, when you do notice any issues or problems, always check the medium PH first. 95 out of 100 times any issues will be PH problem related. Growing medium pH values higher than 6.5, manganese, iron, zinc and copper become insoluble and unavailable; this results in micronutrient deficiencies.

Low levels of PH cause issues such as magnesium, calcium, and nitrogen, and secondary macronutrients. What nutrients can become toxic at low pH levels? Aluminum and manganese become toxic to plants at growing medium pH values lower than 5.0.

Directions For Use:

  • Use 4 to 6 grams of PH Reducer per gallon of soil or medium to lower growing medium PH 0.5

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  • 8oz-16oz

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